Yearzero-0 Some thoughts on Bitcoins


Sept 2017

I rented an Airbnb in Bloor Village, Toronto.

The week before Ijust discovered Shanghai TV had stolen my old blogging Nomme deplume (pen name) as the major platform for their English language services. I ran two website under the name ShanghaiEye, which was quite anonymous, given the nature of my work as a journalist, and also China’s dislike of critical voices. I lost the .cn domain names eventually because foreigners couldn’t register them. And now is the English language service of Shanghai TV. Its hard to explain, its a bit like if gawker was just taken over by the US government, and became the official voice of America.

Strange days indeed.

So as I woke jetlagged on my cheap rental it suddenly occurred to me, we are already in the third world war, and in the midst of a great depression,and heading into an even deeper crisis of humanity. Since I lost my eyesight I listen to a lot of things.

People are slowly waking up to this reality slowly, but as its not mainstream belief yet. In the middle of historical events you do not have the backvision of historians. Futurologists are not reliableeither. What is the truth?

We live in a system where money is hard to come by for the majority, and yet money itself has become worthless.  So trillions of dollars disappear every year. Where does it go?

Money is a mechanism of exchange, for labour, goods and services. But it is so corrupted by our global system, even when it collapsed in 2008, more magic money was created. But where did it go? Trillions disappeared into banking computer systems, while the average person got less and less. Money is like water, you pour some of it here, there is less for over there. It is a huge charade, one we are all subscribed to. It is in the interests of the system to maintain this charade, and expand its influence. Human behaviour is dominated by this very simple concept of money.

Our intricate and complex human system would collapse without it, so a ruling class takes advantage of this predicament. If we pull the rug out from under them we all collapse. So we are all enablers. We are blackmailed. To exist in this state of dichotomy is spiritually and morally corrupting.

 The elites are corrupt, their corruption trickles down like piss on the heads of everyone else.

To escape from this stranglehold the lower classes need to create and control their own currency. How difficult is it? Or how different?

Electronic currencies are already gaining ground, and within a human generation ‘hard currency’ is likely to be a distant folk memory. I believe it is more likely electronic currencies will be adapted faster in Africa and Asia than the in the more sedentary developed world.

Electronic currencies will democratise societies in ways we have yet to fully understand. In the global banking system the next big wave will be the entry of the Chinese Yuan (人民币). Until now, this currency has not been traded internationally, but the Chinese government has indicated it will soon allow trading. Over the past decades of economic reform China has built up massive reserves of foreign currencies. It will without a doubt be a huge historically important event when the Yuan is traded globally. Bankers from London to Singapore are touting for the trade. But the global swing to the Yuan will arguably not be a force for democratic change. It will though certainly be a powerful wave of change to be felt around the world, and make China a more powerful entity.

Electronic currencies, on the other hand, will not be within the control of any central authority, and operate mostly outside of the traditional banking sector. It will become an option. It is hard to predict how the currencies of the future will operate- people will be buying and selling with Yuan, Euros, Bitcoins….likely with some kind of wireless devices. But how that will emerge it is still too early to say.

So as an artist, how do you react to this kind of trend? A few weeks ago I ran a stall in a small town flea market. A young girl around 10 years old picked up a walkman I was selling, and looked at it like it was an alien artifact. She had no idea what it did. In the same way, I believe hard currency will pass out of use within a decade or so. So I have been collecting coins from around the world and turning them into paintings. It is kind of a prophesy- these things will become relics of the past, so in passing, I collected some and turned them into art. They served us well, passing through countless hands. I hope the currencies of the future will serve us as well.

But big banks and the world elite are already trading real bitcoins. I guess if everyone makes their own individual coins and trades them we are approaching another way of life.

But these are just the musings of a jetlagged guy in an airbnb in Toronto.

And what? WW3 began already? Yes, on 9/11 2001.

We are due a big epedemic, war and natural disaster. Create coins, prepare for disaster. For those of us already in it, when you join it will only be worse. The Sun is in the sky, the wind still blows, people will fall in love. But you drive your SUV, throw your shit in the sea, there are too many people. So the strategy has begun to create a new wheel. A coin, if you will, as we spin through the Universe.

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