Futuro futuro



Early in 2006 I visited an exhibition organized by a friend of his collection of revolutionary political posters, from the various Chinese political campaigns. Though still sensitive, these political posters have lost a lot of their power, and have become something of a kitsch momento. This suggested to me I should create a series of my own political posters based on a fake political movement, one that does not exist, both in the past, future and the present. So I created the Futuro movement, which does not exist, and I am still not sure what it entirely is. Currently it has taken on certain aspects of Italian futurism, some superstition of old Chinese culture and also some positive radical elements talking about integration and communication, development and reform.

The anti-Futuro posters are reactionary warnings against the seduction of Futuro and all it stands for. This is partly an attempt to encourage the audience to think about the present state of affairs in a one party state, where creating a political party is not allowed, and also to consider what future political reform will be- China will eventually create multi-party democracy, so what shape and form will these political parties take- will they be like Futuro, or will they be something else?  Then again none of this is really obvious and better left unsaid, and the audience can make its own mind up about what they are looking at.

The Futuro movement relies heavily on predicting the future and superstition, which are culturally strong in Asian societies, but have yet to really find political expression. So the Futuro party predicts the future, and people support it based on these predictions, unlike the Communist party, which makes five-year plans, which in its own way is another way of predicting the future.

Futuro also denies history and historical precedents, and charges towards the unknown at a heady pace, whilst anti-Futuro warns you should not be blinded by these superficial and dangerous ideas.

Futuro is also a fake capitalist brand, which could be used on clothes or other commercial items. In Shanghai they sell clothes artfully painted on in the high end boutiques these days, the fashion designers having decided they are artists.

In the end it is not clear what will happen to Futuro, it may just fade away as another lost cause, it may be embraced by the masses or vigorously opposed. Anything is likely or unlikely to happen.


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