-Text for September exhibition


by Maxine Gill

About this exhibition:


Painting sometime reveals truth reality obscures. The camouflage of truth in our modern image soaked experience feels increasingly claustrophobic.

This series of artworks were made on a 20 year journey into areas far away, exploring philosophies such as Daoism and the Yi Jing. Following the ley line energy from Todmorden to other major centers of mystic power these paintings fed on the energy of movement and the human experience. Drawing internal, rather than external landscapes, using ancient tools such as ink and paper. These works have led quite a charmed life, being carried around on trains, bicycles, buses, cars and other means. They have been left with friends, stored in warehouses, attics, in boxes, folders and plastic wrapping. Paper is such a fragile medium, not all survived the journeys across the world,but at least some have lived almost 30 years, to be final shown here for two days.

About Chris Gill – Works on Paper


9A projects is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Chris Gill presenting works on paper. It provides an overview of his work from the last 20 years all of which has never been exhibited before.

Chris Gill’s works are full of verve and life; they reflect a positive and vital creativity which mirrors his choice of colours, shapes and themes. This is no less true of his drawings as opposed to his paintings. These works on paper are colourful, dynamic, daring and will seduce viewers into a world of joyful chaos.

As an autodidact artist, he imbeds in his work a wide variety of cultural artifacts. You can readily see traces of the artist’s experiences traveling and living in foreign societies, during which he has faced challenges and gained many impressions.

We invite you on a journey to discover the varied motifs running across the drawings in this exhibition which include abstract portraits, busy street scenes, nudes, religious imagery, cultural chaos, depravity, as well as recognisably African and Asian influences.

Chris Gill has also conducted extensive research into Asian societies, and is published frequently in publications such as The Art Newspaper, Financial Times, the Guardian and Yishu art Journal.


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